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Do you have flickering, disco-like lights when you turn on your hair dryer? Does your new PC or TV need good, solidly grounded power? True Tech Home Service can install that new circuit your home desperately needs and inspect your current one to see if it can be upgraded rather than discarded. Wondering how else a residential electrical installation expert such as ourselves can help your household? Keep reading and find out!

About Our Services
The primary area of expertise of our technicians is our highly sought-after electrical service. We cover a wide spectrum of jobs, including but not limited to, servicing electrical panels and meters, extra circuits, hot tub installations, home wiring inspections, 220 circuits for appliances, ceiling fan installations, computer circuits, generator installations, thermal testing, motor controls, home automation, mobile home hook-ups, night sky friendly lighting, and a dizzying amount of repair and maintenance jobs as well. In our vast portfolio, you will also find plumbing and heating services that will keep your home in perfect, leak-free condition.


There When You Need Us
If your house still has an old fuse box that is positioned in a place which is difficult to reach, with exposed, potentially dangerous cables, reaching out to a wiring systems installation contractor such as True Tech Home Service will save your household a lot of trouble down the road. We will upgrade your existing panel or fuse box or replace them entirely, depending on what is the wisest solution in the specific situation. The latest generation circuit breakers have extra protection and can be located in more convenient positions, so if a fault occurs, it can easily be cut off to stop the current and prevent further damage. When it comes to our heating and plumbing services, you can rely on our team to keep your home comfortable for your entire family from the dog days of summer all the way to the chilly winter months.

About Our Work Process
We have a residential electrical specialist available round the clock to assist you in times of emergencies all around Oklahoma City, OK. Regardless of the situation, our team always follows all electrical safety precautions so that no harm comes to you, our staff, or your property.

Searching for a residential electrician to handle the wiring of your new home in Oklahoma City, OK? Grab the phone and call today!

Client’s Testimonial

by Simon I. Harding on True Tech Home Service
Hats down!

I wanted a carbon monoxide detector installed in my home and these guys did a splendid job with it. Thanks to your professionalism!

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